Original RELEASE 01.20.81

BRAIN DAMAGE: Remained for years as an obscure recording solely on vinyl in a limited press. With only a handful well preserved hard copies left, this album has a refreshing mix of punk, rad hardcore and new wave influences with plenty of varied rhythms throughout. Overall a very cool and fun album.

Featured SONGS



1.Love Me Tonight _Remastered 02:39     2.Can't Get No Tomorrow _Remastered 03:17     3.Brain Damage _Remastered 05:01     4.1981 (Edit) _Remastered 04:30     5.Real Romance _Remastered 02:44     6.C.T.s _Remastered 02:28     7.Senior Power _Remastered 02:56     8.School Teacher _Remastered 03:49     9.Rock n' Roll _Remastered 03:01     10.The Bug _Remastered 01:44     11.1981 _Remastered 04:52