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SUGAR RUSH (Track 1) was released on July 25, 2015. A little cool and adventurous song with a punk-ish vibe. Its spacey intro sets you up nicely for a song full of vibrancy and energy. Careful it may get stuck in your head for a while. Its the first in many ways, first track by the new line up. first song to be released worldwide to all mayor internet music outlets including iTunes and Spotify, first track in their new project in the works "Vitals" a collection of unreleased, renewed and revamped songs. Definitely our most ambitious effort in the history of the band.

BRAIN DAMAGE (Tracks 2-12) was released in 1980, on vinyl in limited press. A refreshing mix of punk, rad hardcore and new wave influences with plenty of varied rhythms throughout, this independent production was remastered 30 years later from a long lost reel and will be re-released in vinyl in very limited edition. It features 11 original songs, no fillers, full of raw, no b.s., beats and catchy sing-along lyrics, still considered a gem of indie rock this side of the equator, in one of the busiest musical scenes in the world.

Download full remastered album here


BRAIN DAMAGE LIVE BEATS (Tracks 12-18) January 25th 2013, at Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Next to a lineup that included acts like Vivanativa and Un.Real, we took stage to unleash our finest performance yet with an array of "Brain Damage" classics and new tracks from our long lost recovered recordings.

Download full remastered EP here

View our live performance here