SUGAR RUSH was released on beautiful Saturday, July 25, 2015.

A little cool and adventurous song with a punk-ish vibe with a spacey intro that sets you up nicely for a song full of vibrancy and energy. Its a first to the band in many ways, first track by the new line up. first song to be released worldwide to all mayor internet music outlets including iTunes and Spotify, first track in their new project in the works "Vitals" a collection of unreleased, revamped songs. Definitely the most ambitious effort in the history of the band.

"This is how we want to go out, looking alive, driving straight into the drop with arms up, shouting and chanting, never looking back letting it all sulk into our souls" -Rex.

The music will transcend and outlive us all. It is our here, the now, the future. The sum of a succulent past, unfolding history of a voyage that always pushed straight forward.