The MDs would like to extend you the warmest welcome to our new portal [], where we'll inject into your bloodstream an over-dose of MD-itis. Thirty thirsty years of blood-boiling rock n' roll condensed into one face-melting online batch of goodness. Music, photos, bios, videos, and more. It's all here. For the first time ever you can listen to "Brain Damage", available in its entirety online here.  Plus a very special collection of live recordings that'll knock the molars off your jaw.

You can access our BandCamp to download the album. Also available, fresh off the delivery room, a few sets of galleries, photo albums, and videos from our most recent live performances and rehearsals, where you'll witness the immersive energy of a full MDs show. So step into our operating room, take a peek, write us, we'd love to hear from you. Enjoy!

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