Thanks for the downloads, there's no greater feeling than to be able to see such response. Even greater when you see how they share their find, memories or to lots, both. These last weeks have been tremendous in our "History". First of all, lots of people finally noticed that after a long hiatus "The MDs are back" and with the effervescent passion that defines us.

Already been heard thru North America, South America, specially, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Great Britain and some parts of Europe, The MDs are immensely grateful for the warm welcome in (you HAVE TO READ what they are saying about us, ADD YOUR OWN COMMENTS).

A very special Thank to all of those who have drop us a line, asked about us, our shows, music and videos, there are too many to mention but you know who you are and you are all special to us. For now, DONT CHANGE A THING, cause we are loving it. And remember that no one can steal what you share. Share this and like us in facebook if you havent already.

Your friends, THE MDS